Friday, March 6, 2009

a taste of home: costco in korea, playin' pool in hongdae

november 01~

the next day i took the train into seoul to meet up with miri and sieun. our plan was to make a costco trip! there are several in seoul. i was really excited to get my hands on some american food, to see a familiar sight, and, of course, to hang out with my good friends. the three of us hadn't been all together since hilo 2 years ago. sieun told me that the food in the costco cafeteria was just like in america! i couldn't wait to stuff myself with a polish dog and some pizza!

[everyone became a little aggressive over the food]

as you can see, costco in korea is virtually identical. that was more of a surprise to me, as the grocery stores and supermarkets in korea are vastly different from those in the states. it turns out that this costco is quite close to hankuk university, where i now work. just last week i took another trip there with sieun and her friend. unfortunately the prices skyrocketed since my last visit due to the economic crisis in korea - but i still managed to stock up on frozen chicken, croissants, and chinese beer (the best substitute for 'real' beer in korea).

november 08~
the following weekend i met up with my friend 이유진 ('lee eugene') in hongdae and we grabbed a dinner of korean food and talked about our lives these days. during this time, i had been really struggling with the long distance in ginny and my relationship. (the next day was the one where i took a hike by myself along the suwon fortress wall, which i posted a few months ago in november) after dinner, i challenged eugene to a few games of pool, knowing it was a hobby of hers. i should have been more careful - she wooped me. ouch.

[eugene the poolshark]

[at a coffee shop afterwards - she's an especially good friend when you need emotional support]

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