Friday, March 6, 2009

going away... *sob! goodbye, suwon!

january 30 (and the next morning)~

3 days later, it was finally friday, and my last day of work at gukje. i have to say that i was really looking forward to never having to see mr. kwon's face ever again, but at the same time, leaving all my friends at gukje was going to be a big loss. on the last day, i took pictures with each of my classes, had lunch with my interchange one class, dinner with my interchange two class, and then a party after work with teachers and students from all my classes.

[free talking class: seohee, me, gil, ]

[interchange three class: susan, stella, alicia, jiyoon, lillian, gil, jun]

[speaking class: b, veronica, erica, roy]

[interchange 2 class: christian, heesun, bokyung]


[interchange one class: alice, nayae, karen (sarah taking picture) - they brought me a cake!!!]

[i didnt do much teaching on my last day... :)]

the after school party begins - same kalbi place as always

[japanese teacher youngeun and english teacher seunghee]

[rebecca (also teaches intro english), youngeun, and seunghee]


[me and donggeun]

[after a few drinks i begin giving armond, a new teacher at gukje, a boatload of info regarding my old boss, mr. kwon]

[as is strangely typical for korean kids, nayae was extremely camera-shy - but we were able to finally convince her to take a picture; sadly she didnt show her winning smile]

[back at my place for my last night as host in suwon - it was a gathering to remember - looking back now i dont know how we managed to fit everyone in there]

[we played dice - lucas, you would be proud of me teaching your game to everyone - even now donggeun still calls me with questions about the rules kkk]
[later the games evolved into some kind of rhythm-clapping-pointing game where you had to drink if you made a mistake or lost the rhythm - this game quickly became hysterical]

[the end]

well, there you have it.
i have to admit, all of the blog entries i posted today were broken down from a HUGE post that was begun several weeks ago, and just finished now (i began writing before i started my new job and now it's already been 3 weeks). so im already behind again on the latest update, but i think i deserve some credit, getting this out there finally.

a new stage has already begun to unfold in my life - it will be interesting to see what happens...


  1. you taught them dice! i am so proud.

  2. I was just offered a job at the Suwon branch. Mr. Kwon sounds like a scary man. Is there anything you can tell me about working there? Thank-you!