Friday, March 6, 2009

the most commercialized holiday in korea: chocolate candy stick day, bonggyu goes on vacation: another excuse for beer and chicken at my apartment

november 11~

ever heard of the japanese chocolate candy stick called 'pocky'? well, korea's lotte company created basically an identical snack called 빼빼로 (pepero'), and this treat actually has its own holiday in korea, november 11 (the numbers 11/11 are supposed to represent the pepero sticks). on this day tons and tons of boxes of this stiff are sold so that people can give them away to their friends and acquaintances and romantic aspirations. so it's basically like another valentines day, created purely for commercial purposes. there are strawberry pepero, chocolate, coffee, almond, cheese, the more classy 'women in white' and 'men in black', and even a 'nude' pepero, which has chocolate on the inside. pepero day is madness. ive seen some pepero the size of bats and even as large as a person! i received many pepero from my students, and the one pictured below was hand made by my student named julie. cute.

[the frosting lettering reads: 'peter, tank u' :)]

november 14~

the next weekend was another going away party... bonggyu was heading off to australia with his family. i wouldn't have guessed it before i came to korea, but apparently australia is a popular destination for many koreans, largely, i think, because it is an english speaking country and because it is easier to get a visa or take a vacation there.

[me and my interchange one class; left to right: alice, me, jisu, daniel, bonggyu; in the back: karen and philip]

[chicken adorns my floor once more]

[drunkenness ensues]

[in the absence of a game, things got a little ridiculous]






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