Friday, March 6, 2009

samsung company choir ENCORE!

november 16~

the following weekend, this is mid-november now, i visited yeoido in seoul for another performance by my friend hyunsook's samsung company choir. this concert was even more extravagant than the last, and it was quite a show! it made me miss being in a choir...

[hyunsook - she can be glad i omitted most of the pictures i took where she was making a funny face while singing]

[this was a choir of mentally handicapped children who performed outstandingly - they reenacted scenes from a classroom setting and sang some quite interesting songs - here they are 'waking up' to begin their day of school]

[bobo and i came together to support our friend]

[the lone drummer in the back seemed to be enjoying himself despite the lack of attention he was given and ambivalent to the rest of the concert; i was sort of curious about his placement away from the rest of the orchestra... either way i felt he deserved his cameo in my blog]

[one song featured several of the choir members dressing up in traditional korean costumes and acting out a classic tale, which i guessed to involve a lower class man to be in love with an aristocrat and whose love interests were thwarted by a jealous noble]

[the noble is 'shot' i presume]

[there's always at least one song with some synchronized dance moves]

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