Friday, March 6, 2009

daniel is mafia...

october 31~

the following friday, we had another party for my student, richard, who would be heading off to australia for 3 months in a few days. richard had been taking three different classes at gukje, sort of like cramming in the english before his departure. so many students from various classes got together for the send off.

[this is the same kalbi place where we had a going away party for josee, one month before]

[front to back: lucy, philip, christina, jisu]

[front to back: richard, JJ, bonggyu, daniel]

when we filed out of the restaurant, we had to say goodbye to richard, who still hadn't packed yet. after that, where else to go, but back to my place? :)

[chicken, beer, and games again!]

this time i decided to teach everyone mafia - definitely the right choice for the available numbers (and of course, it being halloween). it just gets better and better the more beer and soju is involved. everyone loved it!

[i accuse christina and jisu of being mafia criminals]

[JJ and philip are eager to vote for their deaths]

[die, die, die!!]

[christina just died]

[philip attempting to convince everyone why daniel is mafia]

[daniel is pissed because he has been killed at the beginning of every game for one reason or another; this time he was the angel - oops]

[the gang poses before calling it a night]

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