Friday, June 27, 2008

gettin' itchy for the final frontier

well, i've officially been in fairbanks a month now
things have definitely settled down
the days lazily float along
and for the last week i feel like ive been on a much needed vacation
class is a joke
i dont mean to brag, but the amount of effort i need to invest in my studies in order to receive even above a 95% is virtually nil
last week i skipped all but one class, studied only for a couple hours before the exam by reading the lecture notes (which was like reading Jane/John stories), showed up late for the test, and scored 105%
so i really am feeling like im just paying for my credits and not gaining much other than a nice review which i could get by watching reruns of Bill Nye the Science Guy
oh well
this week too the daycare started cutting back my already-too-few hours so ive had a bunch of free time
some of it i've squandered, i must admit
but a lot of it has been soaked up by leisure activities that i've been long overdue to reacquaint myself with
reading, for example - now im tackling another murakami book, Kafka on the Shore
i love reading this bizarre japanese guy
much of his writing style i really appreciate and am inspired by
and cooking!
i had a craving for this African-chick-peanut soup my mom used to make so i got the recipe from her, biked to the store, and barricaded myself in the kitchen yesterday evening...
the verdict: delicious!
and plenty of leftovers too :)
(thanks mom!)

however, to the crux of my present sentiments, 'wither, alaska?'
ive been here a month, and other than the initial 2.5 weeks while i pitched tent, ive seen very little (firsthand, at least) of the beautiful surrounding nature im hearing so much about!
and im hearing a lot
i want to get out and hike, camp, canoe, run from moose, eat out of a can, and most of all, find the majestic isolation that can only be found in alaska
but im a student...
with a job...
and no car...
and little cash...
and even so, im getting to that point (i can see it not far off in the future) where i feel like saying 'screw it!' and go gallivanting off into nature
it's coming...
i know it...
i hope im ready...

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