Friday, June 6, 2008

the fruitless quest...

i will bitch now.
whoever thought finding an apartment in fairbanks would be this PAINFULLY IRRITATING?
apparently, even though it's a holiday for students and teachers (and the U. is a HUGE percentage of the population), there are more people coming in than leaving
even so, no body wants to rent to a short-term applicant cuz then in the winter they're scrapin' the barrel
so generally what's available to me are the shitty, white-elephant flats
and even THEIR rent is OUTRAGEOUS
so i have to spend HOURS a day biking all over fairbanks just to be either turned down or revolted
yesterday - 4 hours spent on search, 15 miles covered
it's a part-time job that pays in frustration and fatigue
the worst part is continuously getting your hopes dashed until they take up a permanent residence at the bottom of the proverbial well
at least their rent is free


  1. lol! frustration and fatigue pay...i am sorry, it's not funny but i burst out laughing.

  2. I'm sorry for all the hassle and challenge you've gone through, Pete. I also feel a peace about the connections you've made and the summer that's unfolding before you. You're in my thoughts and prayers all the time.
    I love you.


  3. thanks you guys
    i need both kinds of support