Wednesday, December 3, 2008

9:30 am - morning break

these days im working a slightly different class schedule with a break after my morning class at 7:30. thus far, ive been squandering the time with one or more of the following activities: cooking and chowing some break, mindless entertainment, reading, even studying some biology from an evolution textbook i bought a couple weeks ago. well, i finally got the bright idea to jump on my blog for few minutes to use this time to write a little something. i hope it carries over to subsequent days.
yesterday was a good day. i stayed at home and was therefore able to receive several calls on skype from my sister, mom, ginny, and even LUCAS SOKOL-OXMAN who i havent seen in months resulting in serious withdrawl symptoms. i was also able to finally write a blog entry on my experience last week with eunsoo's accidental passing away, and i was very glad to do that.
all of these things took my entire afternoon, however, and only after i started cooking a big pot of mashed potatoes (my comfort food), i noticed it was almost time for evening class. the potatoes went on the back burner (pun INTENDED) and i jogged to school with a grumbly tummy.
fortunately (or not?) i managed to grab a quick burger at a nearby KFC in between class to hold me over. the spuds became my after-work treat and my this-morning-bellyache. ug!
well, gotta run to class now!

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