Wednesday, July 30, 2008

scenes around our fairbanks home

most of these pics i took a while ago - before the kidney mishap
better late than never!

(at our apartment after a rainy afternoon - we're the green building, second floor; it was actually a double rainbow - one of them was backwards)
(drinkin' tea on the porch of our apartment)
(at pioneer park for the open arms daycare celebrating its accreditation; we rode the merry-go-round for free!!) (me and zasha - the daughter of one of the preschool teachers and a good friend of mine, Yulia, who is from russia; we also played mini-golf togehter^^)
(painting in our apartment on a quiet saturday)
(a magical ray of sunlight on a cold morning)(the sunrise at 4:00 am - sunset was an hour earlier)


  1. Hyu-Yen looks wonderful and zen. You Peter, need to grow your hair back. Love Rachel.

    Leland's afraid of being alone with his hair.

  2. You look great buddy.^^
    My office mate told me Gookje school is famous in Suwon and has a good history. Also it's nearby my office(eugene investment securities San-bon branch)
    Anyway see you soon.
    Take care.

    Seoul mate Chris

  3. grrrreat pics, especially the last two!

  4. yeah it needs to grow back, i agree
    still, it provides a new perspective, huh?
    anyway, i wont be shaving it again anytime soon :)