Tuesday, March 11, 2008

next stop: past & future

im at this point in my life where it's like im standing on a small raft at the shore of a vast body of water that stretches beyond the horizon.
my eyes turn back to the land that is familiar to me
i am standing at its edge, the pole to push off its banks in my hand
for so long i have had my eyes directed toward that far off horizon
more than once, i have ventured for a time into those unfamiliar waters
but now i have reached a point where i must embark with no plan of return
in search of dreams so unfocused, i have only blind hope to cling to as waves crash down on the flimsy vessel which my closest support and which i have been crafting over the course of my entire life
turning back and abandoning this vessel on the shores would be unthinkable, for what would remain of me?
no, even dearest memories would blister and flake away into ashes if forced to remain ever in the light
i know i must, at last, face the unknown alone
water sloshes against my ankles as i shift my weight for the final push
and wait for the wind to fill my sail...

this is the first entry on this blog
it is my hope that through it i can keep those who are too far away to communicate with easily up to date on my current doings
as my good friends are spread across the globe, i anticipate no need to ever terminate this blog
my second reason for starting this up is to eliminate the need to keep two personal websites up to date - facebook and cyworld (cyworld, for those of you unfamiliar with it, is a korean personal homepage system, similar to facebook)
i do plan to keep posting things on those sites from time to time and communicating through them of course
just for reference, my cyworld homepage is:
(you may have to allow pop-ups, or include cyworld in your trusted sites)
and for my facebook you just have to search for my name on www.facebook.com (unfortunately you have to be a member first and then request to add someone as a friend to see their page)

we'll see how well this goes...

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